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At Harbor we are committed to serving our valued customers by offering a cleaner, less expensive, and more advanced way to power your home.

As a company with 20+ years of combined solar experience and thousands of installations, you can rest assured that we are here to answer your questions, provide you with all of your options, and help you go green with only the best solutions for your home.

We look forward to serving you!

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Palmetto is the leading clean technology software and fulfillment company.

Palmetto is scaling the deployment of consumer cost-saving clean technology products such as energy storage, solar power, demand management systems, energy efficiency through our business-to-business-to-consumer platform.

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"Travis Jones, of Harbor Solar, was the 2nd, out of 5 solar company representatives, that we met with. His professionalism, clear explanations of processes, and his excitement when speaking about solar. He answered every question we had & if he didn't have that answer right away, he got it for us. It took 98 days from the time we signed to the complete installation of our new solar panels. He handled everything with our HOA do all we had to do was relax. Travis kept us informed of every step and the gentlemen who installed our panels were very respectful, professional and informative also. We are very happy that we chose Harbor Solar to help us break the connection with fossil fuels. I highly recommend them."


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Why Choose Solar?

It's the cleanest, most renewable energy source available.


Solar has proven to be the best way to take control of your energy bill. We provide top-tiered products with extremely competitive pricing.


Solar and energy efficient upgrades are exempt of property taxes in most states. The results increase the value of your home and overall marketability to sell quickly! 


Different markets offer solar incentives including tax credits, rebate, and SRECs.


The sun delivers more energy to Earth in one hour than all of humanity uses in one year.


A household rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of CO2 in its lifetime, improve future air quality for humans as well as the millions of animals that are negatively affected by pollution each year.


Solar energy is being recognized as the future of alternative energy sources as it is non polluting and helps combat the Greenhouse effect on global climate created by use of fossils fuels.


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